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Just realized I have a few contacts in management there.


--- Quote from: Jay885 on Feb 18, 2014, 05:41 ---Sorry guys but its an extremely competitive posting.

I'm not gonna kill my chances by telling everyone else the interview questions.  :-X

Good luck with your own interview...but not too much luck  :P

--- End quote ---

See this?

Line one. Sorry inappropriate

Line 2. Same thing.

Line 3. Said as a joke I understand that.

No I did not come here looking for a fight. Your attitude brought out my opinion. I most certainly would not have expected you to post the questions but please do not try to white knight me. Your attitude had nothing to do with Undermining HR.

I see it as a person who isn't willing to help another if it might cost him. The nuke industry has no room for that.

I simply found it ironic you ask the reference question, something that benefits your piece of mind after the statements you made above.

I would take a guy who doesn't interview well over the attitude I saw in that post.

I and many other hiring managers actually do check facebook, nuke worker and other social media and trust me I can narrow down who said what REALLY fast.

I would never want to drive a job seeker away because this is a valuable resource so NEVER consider leaving on account of me. But can what even remotely appears like attitude or willingness to help others.

A better way to handle it would have been to either ignore it or state you don't know the HR rules so you would prefer not to comment.

BTW I have posted every interview I have ever asked here.

Regarding the reference check question (even though the posts have disappeared it seems), OPG background checks everyone while deciding who they want to hire, at least at the engineering level. This is what HR told me when I interviewed.

I would love to tell people what I was asked at the interview but I honestly cannot remember exactly. It was very similar to the behavioural questions you see all over the internet and which have been given on nuke worker.

Basically go over a bunch of scenarios you have encountered that show past experience with having a questioning attitude when you see issue, leadership, overcoming difficult situations, working in team, etc. using the STAR method and you will do ok!

I hope this helps anyone who comes upon it.

HR could be rolling out offers any day. Good luck y'all.

Can anybody confirm if their references have been contacted?


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