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Mine were not, at least not the 2 from my current workplace... :/
I had one of the top test scores and I felt the interview went very well so I am kinda disappointed.

Then again, the company they used (Backcheck) did a reference check on me less than a year ago, and they tell you that they retain all information. I'm hoping that means they did not have to do a full check on me again.
Fingers still crossed.

How did you find out your test scores?

I didn't find out my exact score, but was told by the HR lady that they did interviews in order of test score and that mine was one of the first.

I don't know if test scores are even considered in the final selection proccess though.

And just so you know, I heard they selected all successful candidates by last Friday, and that conditional offers should be going out over the next couple weeks.

Thank you for your reply. Test scores do have some weight attached but it comes down to education, work experience and interview performance. It would be nice to hear from some more people that gave the interview.

I flew in from AB (work there as a Mechanical EIT in the oil patch) for the aptitude test in January. Wrote the test in the morning and since I came from out of province, they marked my test right away and interviewed me after lunch since I made the grade on the 4 tests. Interview was just over 2hrs long and the interviewers were a Shift Supervisor and ANO.

HR said that they'll only send me security clearance forms if I did good on the interview. 2 weeks after the interview I get security clearance forms to fill out. 2 weeks ago 3 of my references called me (previous supervisors, not the character references) and told me they either got phone calls from backcheck, online forms to fill out, or both.

Last I heard from HR was that they will be sending out offers in mid-April to successful candidates. Just like everyone else here, I REALLY REALLY want this job. I asked the interviewers how they will select people to give offers to and they said it's not really up to them but it is a mix of how you did on the test and the interview both. Then I was like ''oh in that case, is there anything else I can say to make my case or did you see anything in me that you think might decrease my chances, just so I can elaborate on it to better sell myself '' and they were like ''you don't have anything to worry about.''

So not sure how much they test scores come into play here.

I guess if I don't hear anything in the next 3 weeks then I'll have to try again next year.

Good luck all!


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