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Also wondering if people can share what their backgrounds are. I just want to know what type of people OPG interviews for NOIT positions.

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm a Mechanical Engineer-in-Training, been out of school for around 2 years and have been working in the oil patch in AB for 1.5 years

I have a diploma in Mechanical and ongoing degree in Energy Engineering. My references were not contacted so I'm guessing I didn't make it. Keep us posted.

I just heard back from OPG today, they sent me an offer to start at the Darlington site on Thursday June 5, 2014 and told me to complete the form and return it by Monday April 21, 2014.

I guess if people don't return the forms by then, then they'll offer other people the positions because I heard the offers will be rolling out from mid-April to mid-May.


Thanks! I've never seen an offer like this before, they want people to either accept it and return it or reject it and return it. I guess that's just part of the official process for hiring since it's a public company.

I'm going to give my current boss my notice tomorrow. Ideally I'd like them to let me just work two weeks (or walk me out the same day) then I can take a month long vacation/staycation but I'm working on something pretty major so will offer to hang around till mid-May.


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