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RP Instructor:
I'm trying to get a feel for the educational background of my "target audience", in order to gauge future lesson plan development. I've found that in the past, I've "talked down" to the students, bored them, and subsequently "lost" them. I"ve also "talked over their heads", and got the "deer-in-the-headlight" look.

RP Instructor:
While we're on the subject of education, since most formal health physics training programs (outside the Navy) have become defunct, and most utilities have long since moth-balled their fundamental health physics training programs, how will we educate the "next generation"?

DOE at least still has fundametal training programs.  Utilities don't want to pay to bring in untrained people.  I takes forever with short outages but you can still go from decon-JrHP-SrHP.  Don't some house jobs have some form of training program.  Some send newbies away (I think to Oak Ridge) for intensive training.

send them to technical schools, 'n on-line courses.  

It is (now) a hard world to live in (nuclear) and to get training!
How many folks out there are still trying to become Sr. H.P.? Some Jr.'s that I'm working with can't get enough hours in just 1 year to qual. in 4 years as a Jr. tech.!!! Short outages and only bring in a few jr.'s to sit at  control pionts isn't going to replace the number of aging Sr. tech out in the field.
So what are we (they) going to do in 5...10 years when the hand full of experenced tech. can't fill the jobs that are avaible?


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