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Heartbleed security bug

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got this from a friend in i.t., may bee yins can use it when changing passwords will help.

At work, my teammates and I must come up with strong passwords that we all can remember and share for computers we all work on together as a team. We are protecting servers that cost from $10,000 to $60,000 each. I wanted to share what we do because as I have learned in the last year or so, many I know are getting hacked by having passwords that are not strong enough. If you and you friends follow this rule, you will never get hacked.

1. At least 10 to 12 characters
2. It is OK to use words or sentences but they must be broken up by special character, capital and number substitution
3. Rules for substitution that are easy to remember:
a. Start all new words in a sentence with a capital
b. Replace all a or A with @
c. Replace all s or S with $
d. Replace all o or O with 0 (zero) [make sure to choose a word with O so you have at least one number to meet the one number rule]
e. If possible, use a contraction like we’ll or ‘Twas to use the apostrophe
f. These are just some. Make up your own like replace all l or L with 1 (the number one)

Here’s an example or six of good ones. These use rules a through e. Make a sentence:
1. We’ll eat good foods: password = We’lle@tG00dF00d$
2. I’m a girl watcher: password = I’m@girlW@tcher [this one will fail a number check so we have to change the song…I’m a cool girl watcher: password = I’m@c00lGirlW@tcher]
3. Rubber baby buggy bumpers: password = Rubberb@byBuggyBumper$ [This one also has no numbers so maybe Rubber baby boggy bumpers: password = Rubberb@byB0ggyBumper$
4. Baby ducks are cool: password = B@byDuck$@reC00l
5. We’ll all Get along: password = We’ll@llGet@l0ng (This is Rodney King’s password)
6. Here’s an example or six of good ones: password = Here’s@nEx@mple0r$ix0FG00d0ne$
7. Bonus! – What you can do for your country: Wh@tY0uC@nD0F0rY0urC0untry

Hope this helps you

s0, @ye th0ught 1 w00d just p@ss th1s @£0ng f0re yew tw0 inc0rp0t@te 1nn tw0 y0u're next p@ssw0rd us@ge.


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