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Im looking to get into VC Summer, possibly long term. I recently left another nuclear site. Im about an hour away from vc summer and would like to know who to contact to get into either plant side work or outside contract new construction. Ive been a mechanic for approx 6 yrs. And recently an Implementation Manager for a little over a year. I have been a plumber for 12 years.  Carpenter approx 5 yrs. I was a destack/restack mechanic at Palo Verde for 5 yrs. Rcp pump mechanic. Manways. Detension/tension reactor head. Latching/unlatching CEAs. Extensive mechanical ability regarding nuclear. Pumps. Valves. Fire protection system's.  Will submit resume when requested. Thank you in advance for any help given.   :D

SCANA does not accept unsoliticed resume submittals, so my advice is to scope out the SCANA website for career opportunities in mechanical maintenance.  SC is a right-to-work state so SCANA positions do not require that a union be involved however most of the U2-3 construction jobs are unionized and if you can find out who the locals are that are providing personnel to the construction side (I know that Shaw is managing the new construction).

 :)thank you.  I have worked for Shaw previously.


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