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Anyone work on a contract that goes or went through Guidant Group and experience reductions in pay or per diem?  Duke uses Guidant Group.  Apparently Guidant is going to change how they pay per diem at Duke starting July 1,2014. They will only pay per diem for days worked and each day you have to work at least 4 hours.  Ultimately this results in a significant reduction in per diem for most workers at several Duke sites that are on a 4-10s schedule...meaning there are 3 days each week that no per diem will be paid.

seems to be the new fad in pd payments:  bartlett was doing that at oconee (non-outage) and I suspect for other duke plants.

Seems the common factor here is Duke.  Since PD is a straight pass through, I'm sure Guidant and Bartlett were just following the contract they have with Duke.
Was this for "core" type's? 

nope not for core, anyone working after the outage on projects, but I would think it would apply to core techs working a different plant.  not sure on all the details.  but in reality this is not so new; some plants give you some type of pay cut if you want to stay around after the outage, i remember hearing about it at Limerick and Palo, but they wanted to cut your hourly I think.

Worked for a Contract Company at the Duke Energy in Charlotte as a Consultant for a year more than a year ago and that was the policy there.  Know several other Contractors who were at Catawba and McGuire and the policy there was the same.  So it is Duke's way.  No way around it that I know of unless you strike a deal with a Company is willing to offset the difference but good luck with that.


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