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If I were to build a NukeWorker app, what features would you want?  Off the top of my head, I can think of these:

Moble app:

GPS Directions to plant.
Upload Photos to plant photo gallery.

Site/app – trip advisor for area.

Looking at those some preliminary ideas, I'm sure I can actually add those to a Mobile page, and not have to build an app.  I navigated to those options that are already on the site and was able to use them.  Now I just need to make them easy to navigate to on a mobile device.

Check it out:

A list of directions for all the nuclear facilities, so your phones gps will take you there.  It works on my android, it 'should' work on apple phones, ESPECIALLY if you have Google maps installed. 

I need to make a mobile theme for the photo gallery to make uploading easier... but this is a step in the right direction.

I even added a redirect to take mobile phone people to the mobile page first, yet allows them to return to the regular home page if they prefer.

I would love some feedback, whether it's working for your phone/tablet or not.


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