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Ever heard of Muon Tomography?
« on: Jan 07, 2014, 07:59 »
I Just finished reading a very cool article in Popular Mechanics Magazine and I thought I would share a little bit of it. Apparently, a VA based company called Decision Sciences decided to team up with the good people over at Los Alamos National Lab. Together, they developed what they call a "Multi-Mode Passive Detection System" which uses natural particles, called "muons," that are formed in the upper atmosphere by the cosmic rays which are constantly bombarding Earth's surface.  The muons are said to function like the x-rays in a CT (computed tomography) scan. While the x-rays in CT scans are used to assemble topographical images, the muons in Multi-Mode Passive Detection Systems can actually penetrate through materials which would have easily shielded out x-rays, like lead for example. The only materials which deflect these muons are Uranium and Plutonium. Naturally, it's easy to see why the Dept. of Defense and Homeland Security are chompin at the bit to get their hands on this cool piece of technology .  The article goes on to illustrate how the system could very easily be integrated into areas vital to security such as checkpoints, borders and weighing stations. I'd bet that they're already be used in crucial areas around the US. Anyways I thought some of you might like to hear that.
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