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Denied unescorted access at riverbend nuclear plant

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My unescorted access was denied because of a issue on a previous job even though disclosed it on the application. I have a medical condition that sometimes causes me to be unable to give a urine specimen even have medical documentation but was refused any other option on a previous job construction job. They wrote it up as a refusal to give a sample. Now riverbend will not give back my access even though I was able to pass there test. They laid me off,I appealed and have still been denied and have to wait a year to reapply. I am being discriminated against  when I did nothing wrong, I have a documented medical condition. Any suggestions where to go from here?

You are not going to like the answer.

You will probably need to find work in a non-NRC regulated field.

Did they offer a blood test as an alternative?

You aren't really being discriminated against. It's really not the utilities fault that your previous company fired you for refusal to test. The utility is simply following NRC guidelines on it. So your only option is to wait the year and reapply. I would also read up on the whole "shy bladder" guidelines. Not all doctors will agree and if the MRO doesn't think your medical issue would hinder you from providing an ample amount of urine to sample then they can deny you on that as well.

Anyways, good luck. I would speak to your old employer if you have an issue with how they report your termination.

The company was not my former employer I went to hire in with my work order and they gave me the test which I tried to give but they only give you 2 hours. I tried but could not give a specimen. I asked if I could go to the hospital and take a blood test, even offered to pay for it my self and they still refused to allow any other option. I was never employed because they did not hire me. I traveled to another state for this job and was never paid anything.

As far as reading up on the shy bladder issue, which that is not the issue of why i wasn't able to give a specimen , the NRC does offer other alternatives to accommodate these issues. This is not a nuclear plant that caused me this situation it was a regular construction pipefitter job.  That was the only time that ever happened, sometimes it takes a while but have always been able to pass the test.

How could I have known that when this happened it could cost me another job down the road. I told river bend about this on my application and was on the job, they were told by me I didn't hide it. I have also worked for entergy at different plants including riverbend about 10 different times before this. I shouldn't have to be pentalized for a health condition and not be able to work for nuclear plants. I have been working for them on shutdowns and even worked to help build riverbend. There are a lot of people who can't pass a background check I am not one of those people. I also expect more when I file an appeal to have them look further into the circumstances I provided letters from doctors.

Has anyone filed a complaint with the NRC ?
After I appealed with the plant and still denied access they said it was in accordance with entergy's procedure EN-NS-101, does anyone know where I could fine that procedure they are referring to?


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