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I am getting out of the Navy in ~11 months and I am working on the "finishing" touches of my resume and would like to get some feedback on it before posting it. Thanks for any help.

What kind of position are you looking for?

If you're looking at Direct SRO, you can focus more on how you're qualified to lead people and less on what subjects you taught. Also, you'll want to add the date you qualified PPWS so they know how many months you actually stood it. On that note, nobody cares about qualifying CRW, they want RO/PPWS/PPWO (or sub equivalent).

If you're looking for an instructor position, you can focus more on the training aspects. The plus side, if you're short 24 months of PPWS on the ship, it's not "required" for instructor since you'll be getting a cert vice a license, depending on the plant.

Ok, now to specifics:
Able to motivate others: Prove it or save it for the interview.
Project manager: How many projects did you manage and did you achieve 100% customer satisfaction (face it, we're all focused on that, the real question is, did we get it).
Capable of hiring....: If you haven't actually hired/fired anyone, drop it. I'd leave the evaluating off as well and save it for the interview.
RMLPO: Unless you were in charge of both plants, that number seems a bit high, so be careful if you get an interviewer with A4W experience.
CRW: Again, nobody really cares, the PPWS shows more leadership.

Good luck with the job search.

Thanks for the help.

I would delete the entire skills and qualifications section.

You should put the "meat" or your resume first..., the part that is most relevant to the job that you're applying for. If you're applying for, say, SRO, then your experience should be first, then education. Like MMM said, tailor it to the job. If you want SRO, for example, don't bury the one thing that qualifies you for that, near the bottom of your experience.

Along with your other military training, I'd list all of the first line supervisor courses that you went to as well, you can find them on your SMART transcipt. Lose the all caps on the navy schools, and don't put spaces between them.

I'm a fan of opening the resume with a 1-2 sentence objective, tailored to the position that you're applying for.

Good luck.


Remember your resume is pretty much just to get you an interview. The interview (and possibly some testing) gets you the job. During the interview you'll be asked about times you were in different situations, what you did and what the outcome was. If it happens to be a situation where you were unsuccessful, also include what you learned from it and how that influenced what you did in the future.

Also keep in mind that SRO positions only open up when a class is getting put together, which is about every 2 years or so (my plant is doubling up as we're short on operators, so it's about every year), so if you're set on a specific area it can be tough.


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