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I'm thinking about making a 'Cram Notes' for the DOE Core RCT test.  Is there any interest in this?

Mike McFarlin:
If not, there should be!

Well,  I started work on it.

Perhaps I should start a new thread for this but:

I've been digging through the various DOE Handbooks and Standards relative to RCT training and qualifications.  Everything talks about the "core" materials but nothing seems to give a clear, concise definition of what the "core" materials are.  While it's generally accepted that the "core" is the fundamental academic study guides (1.01 through 1.13), some sources imply that the general portions of the site academic study guides (2.01 through 2.19) should also be included in the "core" materials.

Also . . . where did the "core card" come from?  I can't find any reference to the card or a template for what it should look like.  I have a template that I use (the one I inherited) when I do RCT training but I've seen several variations on the theme from different sites.

My understanding is that the "Core" is limited to 1.1 - 1.13.  Section 2 is still fundamental, but addresses site procedures, instruments and radiological conditions.  For that reason, a tech usually has some more training after showing up the first day.  For us, that is 6-8 weeks.  I have heard for others, on the order of days.  The format of the card is left to the discretion of the site.  Ours only includes name, expiration date and certifying official.  Whether or not, a site accepts even the "core" from another site is left to the discretion of the RPM for the site.  Most do not allow for reciprocity of the core card much less RCT quals.  There used to be consistency amongst the sites, but each has now deviated so far from the original expectations (going back to the DOE RadCon Manual in 1993) ... 


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