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DZ black balled me in 2009

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DZ black balled me in 2009 due to their per diem guidelines. Does anyone know if anyone has been rehired by DZ? My last unescorted access was at Cooper of this year?

I would think that the best source if information would be DZ.  I would suggest you call their recruiters and ask about your status, and if there is anything you need to do to be eligible.  I know this approach works with their competitor BHI.

Mike is right, I think you should contact them (DZ) and find out just what their problem with you is.  There could be some reconciliation between you and DZ and you don't know it yet. Most of the missunderstanding between company's and personnel is lack of communication and assumptions that are made. There is also the possibility of getting a job with another nuclear company; have you considered that?


--- Quote from: ethanharm on Nov 13, 2014, 01:36 ---Does anyone know if anyone has been rehired by DZ?

--- End quote ---

worked wit a tek at besse this past spring who'd had problems with dee zee in the passed.

Bartlett black balls too. Enercon will do the same.  They all will reject people for specific nuances, even if the person is a skilled, reliable worker. 


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