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Why are you wanting to go ops/training versus radiation protection or chemistry???  Since you're an ELT your skill set definitely lends itself more towards those fields.......

Laundry Man:
If the individual wants to head up the ladder, Ops is the way to go.  How many Site VPs were HPs or Chem Techs?  I don't recall any from the sites I worked.

Of course you're right, Jason, but I'm just not excited about a "comfortable" job. I am looking at some chemistry supervisor positions, but I wouldn't want to be just a technician. The main thing I want in any job is the opportunity to learn and be better than what I am.

Besides that, although my highest supervisory responsibility has been as an ELT, that's only about 3 years. I was a SPU mechanic in Charleston, and combined with the collaterals that go along with being LELT I'd say I have as much experience in operations and training as I do in chemistry anyway.

FiveEleven - PMed you. No, you cannot do your laundry in the decon room.

I had pretty much the same resume as you, including the MO SPU and RL LPO on the boat, the only big differences are that when I got out, I had the TESC and 1 masters degree done.

I took a job as an RP technician.  I can tell you right now, that I make more (with overtime) than my supervisors (grossed over 90k my 1st year out), and I have more time off than them (usually get 40% of days off, plus over 200 hours of PTO). 

The job is more challenging than the Navy ever was, at certain times.  Other times, its comparable to standing watch in a shutdown plant (even though we are operating).

I'm not sure if you have a family or not, but if you do, maybe it would be worth considering doing something like this........


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