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Hello everyone!

I am an RCT in the southwest region and am looking at getting back to the southeast to be a little closer to family.  Can someone help me out with the following:
1.  Who are some of the better contractors to work for out there(Oak Ridge, Duke plants, etc)?
2.  Do plants ever hire directly from the contractors? (Direct hire is entirely possible out here, but I'm not really interested in staying out here)
3.  Is it possible to stay at Oak Ridge indefinitely?  Don't really want to move again for a long time.
4.  What is considered long-term and what is the liklihood of receiving per diem on a long-term assignment?

Thanks in advance!!

Merlin....... you should look at the jobs on the HOME page. Kelly Scientific is hiring at Oak Ridge and talking of up to 8 yrs of work. I was told that they will give you the Core Test if you don't already have a card.  8)
 Other wise Bartlett Nuclear is the primary contractor EVERYWHERE at the moment.  ;)


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