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I applied interviewed and  was offered a position in operations. I have passed every test EXCEPT the psych test. I have nothing  on my record. I was honest on the test. I am basically a computer nerd. Very concrete literal thinker. I have even passed it before and have been working outages. 
How do I appeal? What do I say? Where do I go from here? My dream is slipping away and I need help please.

Have the test results been reviewed by a psychologist? You should get a personal interview before anything is final. Many techs have 'failed' the test and passed the follow up interview including (at least) one very prominent poster on this site.

In fact I often tell a very interesting story about a few that 'failed' and had to take a trip to visit the 'shrink' hired by the utility in order to get in.

There is likely more to come in your saga before you are finished.

The 'psych' test is not a pass/fail test, per se!  It is just a psychological profile.  In general, most RP/HP techs score the same general ballpark as police and firefighters!

As RDT said until it is reviewed by a psychologist, and you are interviewed by the reviewer, it is not of big concern, unless, of course, the employer has set a standard that says a person with this score will not fit in here.

Been in the business many, many years, taken the test many, many times (including twice during a psych class in college) and have always had the same basic profile. However, had to see the 'shrink' three or four times!   8) O:)

Honesty and literacy are inherently problematic for the MMPI!
Just kidding. As the other two exalted posters have said, a shrink's review is necessary. It doesn't mean you will necessarily get to meet with said professional, just that the test will be reviewed. That said, if this is the only block to being hired, I cannot imagine that a company would not have the meeting scheduled unless they are swamped with highly qualified and experienced applicants. If this is the situation, I can see their HR department culling the group with all tools to reduce to most acceptable via cheapest means available,

Concerning the MMPI, in my opinion if you don't see the shrink you didn't answer truthfully. :)


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