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Sometimes the bad and the ugly outweigh the good. Little indignities,professional insults and slights, chip away at your soul.
You try and stay focused and do good work. You remember why you are here.
But after a while it begins to ware on your self respect and its time to go.

I talked to a buddy who went to Bruce when they had the alpha problem.  He was getting paid way more than Chalk River is paying. If I remember correctly he said it looked good on paper but that he was taxed by Canada at an extremely high rate and his unemployment was also affected negatively.  He made pretty good $$$ but said he probably wouldn't go back unless the pay rate was higher.  So those things would have to be addressed I think before the floodgates open.  Maybe someone who actually worked in Canada recently will comment...

Nuclear NASCAR:

I worked at chalk river from May until September 24, 2014.  I finally had to leave early as I  was having health problems.  You do a lot of walking and they don't have the ability to deal with some older folk with such problems.  They are the nicest people to work with and working on that 1950 vintage reactor was an honor to see how something so  well designed is still in service.  The frustrating part was transferring money home as the Canadian dollar is only about .78 to American.  The scenery is something like in a movie of the past.  These are a nice group of people who are guarding our northern border.  A cop caught me speeding and she just gave me a warning to watch my speed.  In spite the problems I had, it was the job of my life and you should try Canada at least once in your career.  I rented a 2 room basement with internet and cable for $650, and that was only because I desired privacy and an extra computer room, you can easily find them for $500/month only 5 miles from the entrance in the nearly town.   With the per diem at $750/week, you can see how you can come out ahead.  The site coordinator is Canadian and bent over backwards trying to keep me there in spite of my health problems.  Because I stayed there 3 months, I got nearly all the taxes back when I filed my return.  They have plenty of work, you really should give Chalk River a chance.  One more thing.  We only worked 37.5 hours per week.  I had so much time on my hands, I used the time to read/study on how to become a writer and I started 4 works of fictions novels while I was there.


--- Quote from: absentminded on Apr 09, 2015, 06:27 ---As they say here. Right on.  Hope you are doing well. We worked together briefly at B.

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Don't recognize you by pseudo name.  We both agree, however, it is a great experience to work in Canada.  Compared to  some of the understaffing and rush to send you home in the states, you can get a lot of work there.


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