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I don't want to spoil the good deal people actually have, it is something better for you to discover.  On an average 7.5 hour day, we follow the Canadian workers and usually work until morning break, they take "20 minutes" break in the morning in the morning and afternoon.  Since no food is allowed across the RCA, you  walk back to the lunch room and wait to get through security, a half-hour lunch turns into an hour.  You even have time to take a shower before lunch and before you go home. They are OK that there is transit time and don't stand there with a stop watch.   There are exceptions to this for special assignments, but most of the time, including a morning meeting to pre job brief, the work, your not working very long stretches as compared to the states where you can get stuck most of the 12 hour day.  You walk everywhere so they are a healthy bunch who work there.  They document most everything in handwritten logs and the supervisors actually read them.  It is a slower pace, not in competition with the natural gas industry to squeeze every penny out of you.  Canadians are the nicest people to work for and the BHI rep is a caring and helpful to explain some of Canada's eccentricities.  It pays a whole lot better than unemployment and you can have a life outside of work.  It would be good to check it out before everyone discovers what a good deal it is and then all the positions get perpetually filled.

I'm preparing to venture out on my first contract job as I spent 24 years at Savannah River, I'm heading to Chalk River and I wanted to know if anyone knew of online study/practice test? How is their test compared to DOE Core? Looking forward to experience just kind of nervous about their test.

Their test isn't any more difficult than the NUF or CORE. It is different in that it tests on their way of doing things and using their terms. They will give you a weekend review before giving you the test and they give you two tries provided you don't totally screw up on the first try.

Thanks Jowlman, appreciate the info. I have the study materials they sent, having to unlearn some of the DOE material that was locked in my head for so long and learn new way of seeing things seems o be the toughest part. Looking forward to the job. Thanks again!

I have been seeing a few ads pop up for health physicist at Chalk.

Is this a good position? How would a recent health physics grad get into a job like this?


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