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Go to Chalk River and you are limited to 37.5 hours a week, are paid in Canadian money which means you make less per hour, need a tax adviser to deal with foreign income (which is a flag for a IRS audit), and you are responsible for the costs of travel in and out. On the plus side, the people are mostly friendly, the plant has a unique history  and the area is scenic...also when you enter Canada they may expect you to discuss in some detail the DUI that you got 43 years ago (true story). It isn't hard to see why they are having a hard time getting people.   

I worked Chalk River from 8/31/14 until 12/19/14. I liked the area, the work was fine and the people I worked with were great. It is true that between the hours, the exchange rate and the fact that none of the time counts towards unemployment does mean that it is not really a money maker. Despite this I will still be going back this summer,mainly because it does still pay better than unemployment. That's what it is boiling down to for me. If you have the chance to work outage or most non outage situations in the U.S., you're better off taking that. If not, then you'll make more than being unemployed and you won't lose any money. You may also learn a few things and see some sights along the way. ;D

I worked at Bruce for all of 2013.  I worked for a Canadian body shop for the entire period.  Out of every pay check that I received I paid into Unemployment on my own to ensure that if I had to claim unemployment I could get it.  I did collect for a short period of time.  Didn't lie to them and had no trouble.  If these contract you folks are working under are with BHI then isn't BHI paying your unemployment out of your pay checks.  Are they paying you in the US in US funds?

Absentminded, are you Joe G.?

Someone should write a FAQ for Americans working in Canada, and have us pin it.


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