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I am a recent graduate from U of M with a Bachelor Degree Nuclear Engineering. I have the (very strong) possibility that I will be offered an internship at Savannah River National Labs in the Global and Homeland Security division. (I believe the internship is called Next Generation Safeguards Initiative)  The recruiter also told me that the majority of the time, they direct hire interns (who hold degrees) following the internship.  I am trying to do my homework, since I am not from the South and have no experience in a National Lab.  Can anyone tell me:

1.  Any experience working for DOE or National Labs?  Pros and Cons?

2.  What is it like living in the Aiken, South Carolina area?   I will most likely stay in intern housing at U of SC, Aiken. 

3.  Any other advice that I might not have thought of?

Thanks to any and all advice !  :)

The lab will have a huge variety of projects. You will work with some very bright and some not so bright people. In the lab mainly bright
Life in Aiken is slow and boring to a degree. It all depends on what you enjoy. You may experience culture shock. You may love it. Augusta ,Ga is about 30 minutes away. Columbia,SC(VC Summer NPS) about an hour. Everything else,including the beaches and the mountains are at least 2.5 hours away.
I grew up in Aiken and have a house there. I also worked at SRS for about 15 yrs. Fel free to pm me with more specific questions.

Just remember that this is a Government Facility, there are LOTS of rules and procedures and Safety Is Number One. The work is usually slowed by all the procedures, so don't get in a rush and take your time. That's why we don't get paid by the job. ;D

Understood!  I have had 3 internships at power plants over the last 6 years, so I totally get the safety culture, and of course, Procedures!  I just got official notice that I was offered the internship.  I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I am sure I will think of more questions to pose as soon as I finish jumping up and down... lol

Laundry Man:
I will second the slow pace of life in Aiken but I still like to visit.  I stay in Aiken when doing bu sines in Barnwell SC.  Some good restaurants in Aiken and the downtown are is very nice.


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