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Alpha/Beta Scalers/Ratemeters and Probes

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If you were to recommend a brand of the above, which one would it be and why?  I propose these questions as I have been given the project to research the above and there is no better way than to ask those that actually use them.  I use E-600's with either an SHP-380A or SHP-380AB probe.  Thanks for your input.....

Most of the instruments I use are Ludlums.  Thats what I'm given.   I do like them though.  The 2224-1 is a nice little box.  I also like the 43-89 probe for a/b.  2929 for a scaler (Or tennelec if it's available).

The 2224-1 with 43-89 and 2929 are good instruments, but we are using the newer Ludlum 2360 with 43-93 and 3030.

On the plus side. The 43-93 has about the same probe area but the PMT is smaller and mounted differently so you get a smaller package with a slightly improved efficeincy. The 2360 and 3030 have an RS232 for downloading data to a computer and setting alarm set points. Also the 3030 gathers it's own voltage plateau data.

Some of the down side. The 43-93 has a very open screen, great for efficiency, bad for holes in the mylar. If you use it get 3 layer mylar, you lose a few percent but save in durability. The 3030 is heavier than the 2929.

alphaman.... what are you using these for?  iffen ya got extreme field conditions, then i personally like (due primarily to experience)the ludlum 2221.  itz a bit oldfashioned, no beeps 'n whistles, but ya can throw the thing off a dirt pile while attempting to keep yer balance 'n it'll still work (actual field test results... dirt pile was 20' high, meter contacted base of pile , then rolled into the weeds).  also, you kin operate any damn probe offa the thing.  coupla tweaks of the set screws in yer in business fer alpha, beta, or gamma.... probably do neutron too, just haven't tried it yet.  can't download to a puter... damn the bad luck, gotta keep doing the pen 'n paper routine... well, time is money, right?  ;D that's wot eye thought two.  43-68 probes are good, 'n they got different style handles available for them so's ya kin get them into low profile spaces.  using the gas proportional probes makes easy repair in the field... scintillators need just a bit more care, 'n they got that whole daylight spectrum problem thingie.  scalers are a different horse.... 2929 & 3030 are both good, just different generations.... how much moola ya got?
so's it all depends on yer work site environment, let me know sum particulars, 'k?

Thanks for the replies so far.  The conditions are harsh with lots of loose contamination.  Instruments will be used for release purposes as well as for outgoing shipments.  The, as you know, shipment checks are extremely important.  I like the Ludlums although I am used to the gamma versions.  Durable and reliable....just not familiar with the alpha/beta.  We have had bad experiences with gas probes.  Scintillation probes have been good....still have to deal with punctures.  Being an old PWR rent a tech, the alpha thing is a new world in itself.  I can relate to your meter story SloGlo.  Back in 82 I lead a team of HPs into 22k gallon tank for release surveys when I knocked an E-120 off a ledge to concrete 20 ft below....not as lucky as you...more like the watermelon drops Letterman used to do.  Also, do you report your results in cpm or dpm?  If dpm, what do use for an efficiency?  or is it determined during calibration?


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