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You don't have to think quickly. Take your time and give your best answer not the quick answer

Here's how my interviews went with Exelon last year. I was interviewing at the Dresden plant over three days.

Day one was the POSS in the morning then BMST (only Exelon does this test) in the afternoon. The POSS is like the ASVAB, when you study for this, mostly work on a plan for how to answer the questions, especially for the two parts that are about 3 minutes each. The BMST is a little more "difficult," that is, more in depth math and science, but only basic stuff. When you get the review material, go through it and review the areas you had trouble with. Both tests were in their training center and I knew the results by 6 pm (the HR rep told us we'd have results by the end of the next day).

Day two was the FLS exam. Like I said it's a lot of writing. Essentially they put you in charge of a group of people and you have to manage the workload, there are a some times you will interact with the testing people (acting out certain roles), but mostly you have to write out everything (e.g. phone conversations, emails, face to face discussions, etc.). I think I had the results from this about two weeks later. Like I said before, as an LPO, it should be cake (at least with hindsight).

Day three was the on site interview. There was an HR rep, and three managers there with a specific set of questions they asked each interviewee. Like Rerun said, take your time. If you need more than 10-15 seconds to think, just say so, and they'll wait.


--- Quote from: Rerun on May 04, 2015, 11:10 ---You don't have to think quickly. Take your time and give your best answer not the quick answer

--- End quote ---

Good advice I would add fully answer the questions don't wander into areas not asked about.


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