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vendors, please post PAY RANGES in your ads

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They will be a lot more appealing to the people looking for work so we don't have to call 17 different vendors and ask about 23 different opportunities at each vendor!
Not seeing what the position offers give me zero incentive to follow-up.

But then, you'd have to standardize your pay if you did that.  (Maybe it is time to do so?)

Old nuke worker.

I've always thought the same thing so I'm glad someone finally asked.  :)

Utilities don't do it so why should vendors?

They usually post hourly and per diem only when it is exceptional and the need is great and immediate.  We all remember one time a site the offered a $5000 bonus.  There are actually enough workers if all the outages didn't step on each other, and some sites intentionally do not care if they are fully staffed to lower labor costs even if it overworks the remaining workers.  They are in control and don't see a need to list wages to attract workers; the fact there is a position open is enough to get all the workers they want.  Welcome to the dystopian world for nuke workers.

Doesn't hurt to ask and at least the OP said please in the heading...


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