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I have searched the forums and was hoping for any further information or tips for the POSS and BMST for an Exelon Equipment Operator position.  I was called yesterday to test on Monday, out of the blue.  I didn't even remember applying for this position and lost hope long ago in any nuclear power opportunities so I never bothered with the test prep.

The company is flying me out on Sunday and I have no idea where to start for test prep.  Is there anything recent that can shared to help?

my background is I'm a retired Army officer with 11 years prior service as a Navy nuke (ET) but I haven't looked at this stuff for about 13 years.  I am using SAT test prep guides and have taken the practice exam for the POSS several times but it is just cheating anymore since I know the answers.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  I will continue to search the forums in between cram sessions.

If you look in the test taking forum section, there are several links to study guides for the POSS and BMST. The POSS is pretty much like the ASVAB, no real studying needed as the questions aren't very difficult, but you do need some good test taking skills, as they are all timed, and a couple have very little time. If you use the POSS study guide, use it to make a plan for how you'll take the tests. The BMST is like the NF entrance exam, algebra, basic chemistry and physics. When you get this study guide, look up the topics you had trouble with.


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