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Hey everybody,

I'm getting out of the navy soon ;D from Prototype (ET1/SS, 9.5 years) and I've been lucky enough to have a friend put in a word for me in OPS Training. I have an interview coming soon and wondered if you guys had any gouge on what kind of questions I could look forward to.

Thanks in advance.

They'll be pretty similar to the questions you'd get for any position (they ask for a time when you were in a situation and how you handled it, if it was successful, and what you learned from it). I think my interview for Ops training was a lot easier than the ones I had for SRO, although the company I'm at was (and still is) pretty pressed for instructors. Just as a heads up, you will be expected to give classroom and simulator training.

I've heard that some companies will have you do a short classroom session to see how you do (I didn't have to).

Thanks, I'll just keep looking up sample questions, then. I appreciate the reply.

Google STAR interviewing technique.

Also, don't blame others. Own your successes, and your failures.



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