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NUF Cram Notes 2016 Edition


The 2016 Edition of the NUF Cram notes is finished!  New in 2016 is a section on alpha.  I also addressed feedback from prior editions (primarily kindle issues).

The NUF Cram Notes brilliance isn't just that it tells you exactly what you need to know to pass the NUF test; it tells you what you don't need to know, so you don't waste valuable time studying material that isn't testable.

 Topics covered in the NUF Cram Notes include:
 1. Radiation, Ionization & Interactions with Matter
 2. Radiation & Contamination Sources
 3. Radiation Detection & Instrumentation
 4. Surveys & Job Coverage
 5. Air Sampling
 6. ALARA & Shielding
 7. Decay Modes, Decay Rates, Half-Lives, and the Curie
 8. Alpha Monitoring & Control

 Additional information that is ‘not NUF testable material’, but still good to know include:
• Meter Reading Practice
• Information about the NUF such as the question database, taking the exam, test security, and other requirements
• Resume Tips, including the 15 skills power plants look for on contract RP resumes
• Acceptable experience & training for RP Techs to qualify as '18.1' and '3.1' seniors
• History of the old North East Utilities RP Exam
• NUF Governing Bodies such as NANTeL, INPO, NEI, PADS
• Other RP tests available such as the NRRPT and CHP tests
•'s origin story

Paperback is finished (152 pages):

Paperback is finished (152 pages):

Dang... I just got the old version in the mail today    :(


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