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autumn 2015 bonuses/supplemental pay

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sew, is this dubble secret information now? know buddy posts this to help a brudder oar sister?

usually dc cook pays around 3000.  exelon has a pretty good one 6 bucks an hour or so.  maybe you mean a super huge bonus like perry did a few years ago?  haven't heard about any.

as grate as a super huge perryesque bonus wood bee aye yam thinking that knews of bonus's bean payed wood bee of interest to those starting out on the rode, those contemplating changes in there circuit, n the carnies getting back in the saddle.

Dave Warren:
The one Perry had was an albatross that DZ had to address before the utility got fed up.
The easy fix was to do what any big company does to attract the commoners. Wave money in their face, they will come running.
And run they did, I saw people coming out from under boulders to get that cash.

wood it bee two much to axe fore postings of bonuses pd during the autumn 2015 outage season as hamsamich did? thinking it mite help with future planning for those in the biz.


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