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--- Quote from: Teeders on Oct 05, 2015, 08:58 ---My husband, David passed away this morning (10/5/2015). He was admitted to the hospital September 14th with anemia. It soon turned out to be a lot more than that.  We found out that it was APS.  Basically his body was creating antibodies that would attack his blood cells.  They tried treating it the normal way that they do with everyone else but it almost killed him and did not work.

They tried a 5 day treatment with other peoples antibodies and we were so hopeful.  It failed and they did a last ditch effort with chemo to see if it would stop, that was Friday.  He went downhill so fast since then. 

He always would talk about nukeworker and smiting 'nubs' for being not so bright or stupid as he would put it.  He said that he didn't care if people knew about what killed him or who knew.  They say it was the lung cancer that killed him but it was really APS.  He was doing fine until August 7th.  We are coping and everything is moving so fast. As I would have told him, I played grown up a lot today.

--- End quote ---

It's been awhile since I've posted.

I don't check these boards and will likely never return or post again.  But most of you long time board members remember me I'm sure.

I got the news via text this morning (coming in from nightshift) from Dave's wife.  I felt compelled to offer my response publicly where I had met Dave.

Teeders (withholding your real name since you did the same) .. I appreciate you letting us know and am very sorry for your loss.

Dave and I talked and texted very regularly.  And like everyone else will miss him very much.

You will always be in my prayers.

You have my number if you need anything.

My very best to you and yours.

Wow. I wasn't ready for this news. Dave and I were kindred spirits, agreeing on most everything. Dave always encouraged my ministry to Israel and the Jewish people.Few people on Nukeworker have been there for me with "a word in season".  Dave, we are rejoicing with the angels Brother.

I have not been on the site for a while and took the opportunity to log in to get caught up on things this morning. Little did I know the impact it would have.

I never met Dave in person but I feel like I did. He and I did not always agree (in fact in the early years he thought I was on the opposite side of all fences) but we did agree on a lot of things. I will miss his wit and wisdom and, maybe even more, his frankness and deep commitment to his beliefs -- even those with which I disagreed.

Teeders, you were blessed to have him while you did. I hope you find peace and comfort in his memory.

Thank you everyone. I'm still trying to go through and find his friends. He left a very long list of all the numbers he knew but some I believe are from work or work related.  He only left the list because he had issues with his phone updated and then he couldn't use it.

I'm sure he would be surprised that so many people knew and liked him.  His obituary is online now but in accordance with rule #3 you can message me if you would like to see it as it gives the address of the funeral home and names etc.  I still have a lot of stuff to do.

I do now know that if you are a veteran and you want to be buried in a national cemetery you will need your DD214 form. I know Dave had one and I saw it once but that was at our old house and he was never good at keeping things organized.


--- Quote from: Teeders on Oct 07, 2015, 03:01 ---His obituary is online now but in accordance with rule #3 you can message me if you would like to see it as it gives the address of the funeral home and names etc.
--- End quote ---

If you want to share it, we would love for you to do so.  Rule #3 is there to protect YOU from other people posting YOUR information.


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