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David Johnston aka HydroDave63

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Dave was one hell of a guy. We exchanged a lot of internet communication and phone calls. I hate hearing this.

RIP big guy.

Already Gone:
Wow!  I've been gone too long.
Dave will be missed by so many.  He didn't hide his light under a bushel. 
I hope that when I'm gone, I will leave behind a fraction as many whose lives were enriched by what he did here.
He made me think.  There's no higher compliment I can give.
Rest in peace, brother.

It's been over a year without Dave...


--- Quote from: a|F on Oct 17, 2016, 09:53 ---It's been over a year without Dave...

--- End quote ---

The place is not the same without him.

No, it is not. As you noted, I have been spending less time on here, and I think that part of the reason is that it has been a little less interesting recently. I can't say for sure if Dave's absence is the primary difference, but it surely has changed the 'flavor' of the site. I feel a little older when I think of the friends (cyber and physical) that I have lost.


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