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David Johnston aka HydroDave63

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My prayers and condolences!  He was a great person and I know he is now in a better place.  We didn't always agree, but agreed to disagree, when we had differing opinions. 

Dear Teeds,

Thank you for the strength to come here and and spend some small part of your sadly burdened day to write to people you never met and bear tidings of such deep sorrow.

We will all miss Dave profoundly.

May God bless you and yours with peace and solace.

The world is a little dimmer today without Dave in it.

Heaven is a little brighter.

Thanks Dave, it's been fun.

Catchya later,...

Dave Warren:
I was probably his biggest "heartache" on the site, due to our polar opposite political views. He was fair and certainly had no problem stating his opinion. I never saw him. I never heard his voice. I never even knew his name. I just knew that I would always be getting confronted when I logged on to the website, which was fine with me. When you take away all of the opinions and the bias, we are all created equal and aren't that much different.

Teeds, take solace in the fact that he had strong opinions and held true to what he believed in, never wavering. There are never words to make the pain go away, but find the hand of God and hold it for he will lead you into a place of peace. Prayers for you and all of the friends and family who are missing a dear friend today.

Nuclear NASCAR:
We never agreed on everything, but good friends don't.  I'm going to miss my friend.... :'(

i to, never shook the hand of the man hydrodave63. i did, however, totally enjoy his postings with his concise style and dry wit. it will bee a little more quiet, and perhaps not as illuminated hear without his presence. my prayers for all the family.


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