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Enlisted recently, got cleared for security clearance after lots of running around, had a quick question about loan forgiveness in the navy.

I understand that no one will tell me exactly what I need to do in order to get the benefits that the Navy has offered, and that I should do my research on these opportunities. I am set to ship to Chicago on May 2, 2016.

I was hoping someone can point me in the direction of these benefit's so I can get some more information... A little bit more than what is offered on, especially since I am going in with a NUC rating.

Wasn't thinking about it, but my recruiter said that the Navy will help pay for schooling after I've enlisted and that all schooling done prior will be helped with. After looking around I've seen other sources telling me otherwise and would just like to help this get clarified.

Can I get help paying off my current school loans?

Thank you in advance,

If it's WRITTEN in your contract you will get it. If not, You won't. Never believe a recruiter's verbal promises!

Thank you very much, not quite the answer I was looking for... although very appreciated nonetheless!

I've talked with my recruiter and am requesting more information on benefits... I thoroughly believe that my recruiter is the best a recruit could have, and that he would point me in the right direction when needed.

Best of luck to everyone and their endeavors.

Literally the first result from googling 'Navy loan repayment program' tells you everything you need to know. If there is something specific that you don't understand and your recruiter can't give you a straight answer then ask away, but your OP sounds like you haven't even gotten that far yet.


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