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Does anyone know if a radiological contractor has been selected yet for the upcoming remediation of this site? Thanks for any information that might be out there.

Portage Inc. Wins $100 Million Firm-Fixed-Fee Federal Contract
Jul 25 15
Portage Inc. was awarded a $100 million firm-fixed-fee federal contract by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo, New York, for contaminated soil remediation services. The place of performance will be in Luckey, Ohio.


Dave Warren:
From what I understand, ARS (http://www.amrad.com/) got the RAD contract.
Good group of guys and gals. I worked with them at Painesville, Ohio at the Diamond Shamrock clean up site.
Steve Shirley is the VP for the company, for those of you who worked at Fernald.

Luckey is a decent gig. You are 20 minutes from Toledo. I spent 8 months there and the site is out in BFE, but you have all the amenities and more within 20 minutes. The winter can be treacherous, but if you are working for 10 years, it makes life a little better. Easy access to Interstate 80, 90, 75.

Marriott was very reasonable in Perrysburg, right next to Bass Pro Shops.

git long term lease four condos, etc. as prices go up in may dew too fishing.

I suspect that beryllium hazard will dwarf the radiological concerns, whether it is real or not.  The contractor will flail away with the natural 2 ppm beryllium in  soil; screwing with the property releases. Have a good plan or best of luck.


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