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Author Topic: Air Sampling Problem in an Alpha Facility  (Read 12854 times)

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Re: Air Sampling Problem in an Alpha Facility
« Reply #25 on: Dec 02, 2015, 12:29 »
aye meant unreported hear this hear thread.

with cloudy provided data, isle say yew have two streams of material in that group.

has any buddy cross hatched the smear oar the envelope interior two determine size of activity?
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Re: Air Sampling Problem in an Alpha Facility
« Reply #26 on: Dec 02, 2015, 12:41 »
It was reported.

And ignored.

That is the cause of my concern.

Do you believe there is a continued risk?

Do you believe that there has been an unmonitored exposure or release of material?

Do you believe there may be a potential for over exposure?

   If no to to these questions this is an anomaly that you should be aware of but not grow an ulcer over. Cross contamination does seem to be the most likely answer, put it on your spectroscopy unit when it's back on line, take a back up sample, check applicable bio assays, and analyze the CAM filter. I am probably giving you advice you have already done. You mentioned fecal samples so I assume you are dealing with insolubles.


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Re: Air Sampling Problem in an Alpha Facility
« Reply #27 on: Dec 05, 2015, 01:33 »
It's okay.

Air monitoring has been discontinued in this area.

All is fine.
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Re: Air Sampling Problem in an Alpha Facility
« Reply #28 on: Dec 06, 2015, 01:21 »
Sounds like it might have been a heavily concreted (or stoned) area, since you never described the facility.  At my last, hopefully not my last, I could pull AS sounding like doomsday on first counting.  They went to watch in 12, to nothing in 24, and bkg in 36!  We ran the final, record, count at 48!

Other sites with environmental AS we ran the last count at 14 days!
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