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Navy JAG opinion letter for employment??

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--- Quote from: mcraider09 on Dec 01, 2015, 12:42 ---I separated earlier this year, i applied for a contractor at the local air force base in Tennessee. The employer is demanding that i submit a JAG opinion letter to them. does any one know anything about this? i don't think it is required for me (enlisted) but the HR manager insists it is their company policy that all recently separated and retired military provide one. any information would be appreciated!!

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does seem odd, but if you want the job there will be lots of odd things coming your way as you move on through life,...

trying to make sense of it will be the thing that frustrates you,...

I would opt for not getting frustrated, do what you gotta do and then take yourself and maybe your best significant other fishing,...


thank you for your service, it is humbly appreciated,... 8)


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