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Sooo, Why Haven't the Roadrats organized?

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:-/, So let us see, there is the debate between house mice and road rats, and debates between different plants, but the future is now.

The days of long outages are long gone, every major nuclear company is pushing for record setting outages, Major nuclear players are sending their permanent staff on the road, and extremely few young people are coming into the field. Additionally, the number of contract companies are dwindling, I can remember the days when the was at least a dozen "Nuclear Service Companies" that supplied techs, etc. Now there is only two.

So why then is there not a new concerted effort to organize the roadies, so they get paid a decent wage and per diem?

Having asked this question of several roadies, I get response that range from, "Yeah I would like to do that but have no time" to " You can not get two people to stand together".

So what really is preventing the roadies from organizing Numanco and the non "Bartlett Services" division of Bartlett? ???


last road block to organizing was ibew l.u. 1500; before that it was the ocaw.

Nuclear NASCAR:
What's the story behind that SloGlo?  I'm not up on a lot of the history.

'k, like real quick...
ocaw = oil chemical & atomic workers did some recruiting and rousing for union representation among road teks during the late 70s.  unfortunately, they had a hard time organizing local homebodies, didn't do too well, and got blown away by the logistics of road teks organization.
fast forward to the 80-90s.... international brotherhod of electrical workers solved the roadies problem.  they created local 1500, which served only road teks and had hp, decon, 'n i believe chemists all included.  they started organizing in the late 80s, got enough signatories to go to the mats and called a nationwide strike in 1990.  it failed miserably.   the ibew didn't have reps at most of the strike sites.  they didn't provide technical guidance for basics such as language on signs.   it was basically over with in 3 days.  they maintained an office in washington, dc for a few years, complete with officers.  it may still be there for all i know.
there have been others, i'm sure additional posts are on the way.


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