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Sooo, Why Haven't the Roadrats organized?

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I gotta chip in my two cents worth on the issue of techs not being able to agree.

During Clinton's startup in the late 80's, there was a lot of friction in the plant between the various departments.  Somehow it was decided that the HP Techs were at the heart of all that friction and discord.  HP Supervision decided we needed "team building" training.  They made all of us, contractor and house tech alike come in on a Saturday to sit through a class from some professor at Southern Illinois University.  He was amazed to find out we came from all over the country, from various diverse backgrounds and represented several different age groups because we spoke with one voice on the things that were most important to us - issues such as teamwork, honor and trust.  I think we were all amazed at the professor's conclusions - primarily that we were NOT the source of all the friction.

I remember several attempts at "organizing" the road techs (showing my age again?).  My biggest objection at the time was the expectation that the people with the political moxie to move up within the union structure were the ones I didn't want representing me (I'll leave the names out, but I think we all know the handful of people back then that would have jumped at the chance to have that power).  

Would I like to make more money for what I do?  Sure I would!  Would I be willing to join the IBEW again and be subject to their tender ministrations?  Not hardly.  I had my fill of that in the past.  If I don't like a plant, I don't go to it.  If we all didn't like a given plant, perhaps they would have to pay us more to entice us to go there, but that isn't likely to happen.  Some of us need our paychecks badly.  I discovered that in the old ANEFCO, NUMANCO, Rad Services, NSS and IRM days.  

My opinion of unions is not very high.  As a general statement (there are always exceptions to these kind of statements), the people that need the union to protect them seemed to be the people that I really didn't want on my crew to begin with.  I don't need to pay dues to be ignored by another group besides my plant management.

I've been a road tech.  I've been a house tech.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages.  I will do what I deem best for my family and for myself.  Joining a union is rather low on my list of priorities.

Just my two cents worth, mind you (laughing).


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