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Ray "Rapid Ray" Roseberry

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Ray has been in poor health for a while and passed last night. If anyone sees his Obit please post.

We lost another LEGEND yesterday.  I had the pleasure of working for Ray for 7 years at Fernald and with him as a contractor on the road at many different plants.  HE will be missed.  RiP my friend. 

Wow.  This one is a shocker as we all thought he was on the way to better health.  I learned a lot from Rapid at Lucie in 2011.  Was one of the quirkiest guys I have ever met, but the amount of knowledge in that head was massive.  RIP to a legend.

Dave Warren:
The two guys that were always cranky and quirky and funny and great teachers and fun supervisors. Ray Roseberry and Jim Foster have passed on and entered through the gates of wherever they choose to go. They will both be missed and will always be a staple in my Fernald memories. Billy Joel said "Only the good die young". I beg to differ. My thoughts and prayers and condolences go out to the Roseberry's. Goodbye Ray, you will be remembered always.

Mike McFarlin:
Sorry to hear that Ray passed. Shared many times with him and Slow Joe. Lots of stories!!


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