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Ray "Rapid Ray" Roseberry

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First worked with Ray in the 80's at Millstone. What a piece of work.Great guy. Well now that Bill Mahoney, Buffalo Bob Burns, Joe Kiman and now Rapid Ray from the old bad ass days of PARTY. Rest in peace brother.

 :-X  Have known Ray since 1985, a real work of art, good guy, and a treat to be around.  I remember first getting to know Ray at Brunswick and then at VC Summer.  Worked with him again at Fernald in the early 2000's.  Rest in peace my friend.  You will always be remembered.

Rad was a long time friend, worked with him from the early 80's up to 2012 St Lucie
Millstone, North Anna, Surry, Turkey Point to list a few.  PRAYERS go out to the Roseberry
Family.  He will be greatly missed.
Kenny Bristol & Susan Newton

rapid ray.... won great character! first time we worked together was at pilgrim, fall outage in '81. went pool shooting one morning when there was a strike (yeah, eye no... who wood have think  ;) ), n I took out his front tooth with a jump shot to the corner. made the shot too. rapid n eye laffed about that everytime we hooked up.
r.i.p. my man, r.i.p.

First met Ray at Brunswick where he was hiding his long hair under a hat that sure made one supervisor . The last time was at Browns Ferry and he still was going strong. He sure made working those long hours fun .


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