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Indian Point 3 4/1/2021
Indian Point 2 4/1/2020
Oyster Creek 12/31/2019
Pilgrim 5/31/2019
Palisades 10/1/2018
Quad Cities  6/1/2018
Clinton  6/1/2017
FitzPatrick 1/27/2017
Fort Calhoun 10/24/16
Vermont Yankee  12/29/14  DECON in Progress
San Onofre 2   6/7/2013   SAFSTOR
San Onofre 3   6/7/2013   SAFSTOR
Kewaunee   5/7/2013   SAFSTOR
Crystal River 3   2/20/2013   SAFSTOR
Millstone 1   7/21/1998   SAFSTOR
Big Rock Point   8/29/1997   DECON Completed
Zion 1   2/21/1997   DECON in Progress
Maine Yankee   12/6/1996   DECON Completed
Haddam Neck   12/5/1996   DECON Completed
Zion 2   9/19/1996   DECON in Progress
San Onofre 1   11/30/1992   DECON in Progress
Trojan   11/9/1992   DECON Completed
Yankee Rowe   10/1/1991   DECON Completed
Fort St. Vrain   8/18/1989   DECON Completed
Shoreham   6/28/1989   DECON Completed
Rancho Seco   6/7/1989   DECON Completed
LaCrosse   4/30/1987   SAFSTOR - License transferred to EnergySolutions for D&D
Shippingport   1/1/1982   DECON Completed
Three Mile Island 2   3/28/1979   SAFSTOR to be D&D when unit 1 shuts down.
Dresden 1   10/31/1978   SAFSTOR
Humboldt Bay 3   7/2/1976   DECON in Progress
Indian Point 1   10/31/1974   SAFSTOR
Peach Bottom 1   10/31/1974   SAFSTOR
Fermi 1   9/22/1972   DECON
Saxton   5/1/1972   DECON Completed
NS Savannah   11/1/1970   SAFSTOR
Bonus*   6/1/1968   ENTOMB
Elk River*   2/1/1968   DECON Completed
Pathfinder   9/16/1967   DECON Completed
CVTR***   1/1/1967   DECON Completed
Piqua*   1/1/1966   ENTOMB
Hallam*   9/1/1964   ENTOMB
GE VBWR   12/9/1963   SAFSTOR

You forgot Santa Susana and Pathfinder.

N-reactor can count as N-Reactor supplied the grid, NS Savannah did not as far as I have ever known.

I say this as the most common factor for the greatest number of reactors listed is that they supplied the grid.

Nice list.  I was told Humbolt is pretty much done.  Can't be sure though.


--- Quote from: hamsamich on Feb 20, 2016, 09:32 ---Nice list.  I was told Humbolt is pretty much done.  Can't be sure though.

--- End quote ---

several more years to go,...

perhaps you heard the funding is pretty much done,... :-\

Take note: VY, Fitz and Pilgrim...All Entergy. All shut down before their time! I think this says as much about the Utility as it does anything! What is wrong with Entergy that they can't keep the northern plants running?


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