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Deb (Post) Marshall has worked in the Nuclear Industry in Radiation Protection for thirty plus years, and has been a RP Supervisor at the Zion Decommissioning Project since 2010. Deb was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in August of 2015. She has bravely battled the cancer and last December she had a bone marrow transplant utilizing her brother as the donor. Due to her illness she has lost her employment status and is now on long term disability.  She and her family have to pay the COBRA benefits to keep her insurance as well as the medical expenses that are not covered by the insurance.  All of her friends and family are hoping to raise enough in a Go Fund Me page to cover the COBRA insurance benefits. They are currently paying $1500.00 per month to maintain COBRA.  Being able to cover the COBRA costs would greatly relieve a large amount of their monthly financial burden. If you can find it in your heart to help out a fellow NukeWorker any donation would be extremely appreciated.  Her Go fund me page can be found at:

Thanks Mike for allowing me to get the word out on Deb's situation.

I've often wondered where Debbie ended up after we left Byron back on 1986.  She gave me some good advice way back, once upon a time, that I've been trying to follow ever since (some times more successfully than others).  I will add her to my prayers.

Michael K.


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