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Hiring Process: Exelon Security


Exelon Nuclear, Braidwood, IL location:
Applied online more than a month ago, did the questionnaire. Got a phone interview a few days later. Took the written exam a little bit after that. Had an in person interview the next week.
3 weeks later... I haven't heard anything back yet. I contacted the recruiter, she asked me if I had passed everything. I told her I had. She asked if I had the interview already. I told her I had. She said that if its been this long that I more than likely didn't get the job.
Does this hold true? Or does the process really take that long? We were told that the job training would start on the 19th of April. Could they still be sifting through the candidates?
Thanks for any nerve calming advice. Its the wait that's killing me. I just want a legitimate answer of a yes or no from the plant itself. Not a recruiter in PA.


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