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Quiz is now Pay-4-Play

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The Online practice tests have been broken and fixed a few times in the last few weeks as we migrated to our new server, and upgraded our software.  I was really worried that we would not be able to adapt the quiz software to the new environment.  However, we have been successful, and all of the changes are now behind us. (The software still uses 'Flash' technology, which means that devices like iPhones don't support it natively, and need an aftermarket flash plugin installed. -- Someday we will work on fixing that.  But that requires a lot of money, and a developer.

With all of that work, another change was made.  We now require that you become a Gold Member to use the NukeWorker online practice tests. 

Click here to become a Gold Member

Why did we do that? 

In order to allow our practice tests to remain online, we feel that we need to protect it with a pay-wall.  This prevents abuse.  And the potential threat that we be required to take it offline permanently.  Those of you that have used it, know what I mean.

In the near future, I'm adding more questions.  For example, some DOE Part II questions (19 more quiz's), and an update to the old DOE Part I questions.  This developement takes time, and I have to decide how to prioritize my time.  This will help it rank higher in priority.

The additional funding may also help us develop a version that works with iPhones.

IsFitzpatrick plant going to shut down?


--- Quote from: Gkeeler on Apr 24, 2016, 08:41 ---IsFitzpatrick plant going to shut down?

--- End quote ---

Yes  Jan. 27, 2017

gist throwing this idea out they're.

watt if study guides where purchased on line four electronic use.  wood that permit quiz taking?

gist axing.

charles birchfield:
That kind of null and voids the premise of free online quiz, doesn't it? I have been using these series of quizzes to prep for my core exam. I am dead in the water now!!!! >:(


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