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Working on Making the site more mobile friendly

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Well, I made it live, and then I slept on it, and now, looking at it with a fresh set of eyes.... I like it.

How about the rest of you?

I finally fixed the 'special character' error that was causing  apostrophes, and other such items to show as invalid characters.

I also fixed the issue I was having making it full screen on mobile phones.

Cool site to use to see how our site looks on different screens.

I updated the 'theme/template/wrapper' for the photo gallery and the forum to match the new home page.

Also added the ability to navigate picture in the photo gallery with cursor keys.

And made other enhancements to the photo gallery to make it more mobile friendly.

Another slight modification to the mobile version of the home page, removed the "by " and "where" parts of the jobs and forum subjects to make the lines shorter and easier to read.

Affects only mobile view.


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