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Re: A Solution To Our Problem
« Reply #75 on: Mar 08, 2006, 12:50 »

i know all this stuff, ive done the nuke lobby, nei support, etc.. the issue was- that a fully integrated energy policy is needed in the US.  Does anyone disagree with that?  (One day we will all have reactors in everyback yard. Duke Power VP -1973)  so what happened?

I agree with ya... and I too spin my meter backwards when I can.  The idea of ONE SOLUTION is just not feasible.

We need to expand the technologies that work best in the appropriate locations across our country.   My wind generator does not allways produce juice and I have a drop in my PV cells during overcast days.  But I supplement my household usage and minimize my familes dependence on oil by using these little techie tools.   

I think the main problem is a lack of initiative and the continuous finger pointing that we as Americans have gotten used too.   I dont wanna make an effort, and someone else is to blame for my lot in life seems to be our current motto..... what ever happened to "the land of the free....."  or "the land of opportunity"?   It is still out there iffen we would all just get off our buttocks and step up to the plate. 

A simple solar water heater is an extremely efficient and inexpensive means to lower ones power bills, whether you have an electric or gas hot water heater.   I have plan to install two this summer..... and also to use the latent attic heat to boot (lowering my attic temps, raising my water temps.. less money for electricity).


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