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I like being able to comment on a news item without moving up to the Forum, that's a good change. Real Clear is where many of them come from usually in the Energy and Science sections but occasionally in Politics, Defense, or Tech.

A little Merlot or Malbec with that cheese please.



--- Quote from: Rennhack on Apr 27, 2016, 11:30 ---Also, I added ksheed12 and you as moderators to the regular news forum.  I'm thinking of making him moderator of all of the new news feed sections as well (if he wants it)

--- End quote ---

Hopefully he wants the headache.

Off subject: Marlin, do you like the rounded corners on your avatar?  I found a modification that does that to all of them.

And I altered the quick-reply, to put in in line with the other posts, and adds your avatar before the form, so it looks REAL inviting to reply.

I see the DOE item has been reposted several times now....


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