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Try this search

I do a search like that, get to a site that has some of what I want, and look for more there.

Remember, less is more.  If there are some that we don't use, lets get rid of them.  And lets only add what we will really use.

Something more like these:    (Scroll down)

What is the size of an emoticon if I reduce one will that work or does it have to be one from an outside source at the specified size?

19px x 19px

I can assist in the reduction, if you need me to.

The 'outside sources' have alreadt been optimized for color depth and size. So they are esier.  However, if you have a picture that you really love... we can make it happen.

Most big pictures look like crap at 19x19 size.

Well, the facility info section isn't broken anymore.  It still needs a nice update tho...

I used Pixillion in a trail for an image converter but did not buy it in the end because I had used it for all the desktop icons I wanted. Do you have another you use that is better? I have a few new folders I want Icons for anyway so I am going to buy a program.


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