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I was wondering what the general time frame from application to interview was for those that have applied to Exelon.  I applied for an AO position a few months ago and didn't hear anything and have applied for another position a few days ago.  Thanks for the help.

I don't believe there is a specific time frame. I have been applying at exelon for 3 years.. in January I applied for a fuel handler position, heard back from them in May, did a questionnaire, tested at the end of May and just had my interview today. It's a long process but if they are interested they will call or email.

superchick, did you end up getting a job offer?  i also had been applying to Exelon for about 3 years at this tome and got interview in june of 2017 no offer for the aux fuel handler position.  now i have another interview on oct 1 for the aux fuel handler position again. 


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