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Hello Mike,
Long time no see.  We worked together a long time ago at STP. You have done a great service to the community with this web site. Thanks for your efforts.
i need to practice for the NUF exam. I understand I need to be a gold member but don't want to spend the money if the tests won't work on my devices. I understand they will not work on iPhones and iPads. Will the practice tests work on my MacBook Pro?

As you said, the quiz uses FLASH technology, which was the standard 17 years ago when we started the website.  Since then, Apple made the iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, which do not support FLASH natively.  However, you can buy  an app for them which will allow you to use FLASH technology, like our online quiz.

Photon Flash Player for iPhone & iPad

It's an iTunes app called Photon that costs $3.99 which runs flash content, it's given 4 stars, and is highly regarded.

Now, about your real question, does it work on the MacBook Pro?  The answer is Yes.
 :) :D ;) ;D >:( :( :o ???
Quiz on iPhone?

Link above.


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