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Ray McGinnis has made a handy "NukeWorker Calculator".  It's about 3 MB, and it's an EXE file.  Click on the link below to install it (just chose 'run' when it asks to run or save file.  After you have played with it, please post your comments here.  We would like to know how to improve it, and any additions you think might be useful.  This is beta software, so it will no doubt receive updates in the next few weeks as you make suggestions.  However, I have tested it, and it works great.  The program is free to a good home.  Must feed and walk it on a regular basis.

New Link:


--- Quote ---Looking to the future, will there be a Palm OS version ?
--- End quote ---

I asked Ray about that... actually I asked him about a Pocket PC version... he said that it wasn't comming any time soon.  That the two languages are suffeciently different that he didn't have the time to do it today.  He did however tell me that he is learning the new visual basic .net platform, and plans to do other 'more impressive' things for nukeworker in the future.

I told Ray that I was impressed with the Calculator, and I'm sure it will come in handy.

Duke Nuker:
This software won't load on any of my 5 computers from 95 up to Win XP.  I keep getting the update the system files message. Any ideas, is there something fundamental that I am missing?

'k,...i got the download, but now i'm in duke nuker's coerner....wotinell?

Hi, I got the message today about everybody's woes.  There is something going on with the compiler and package deployment, since I upgraded to Windows XP.  I have seen this in the past and know what the solution is now, I'm pretty sure.  I should have a workable download by tomorrow night.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  I have an inside friend, at Microsoft, that I will present this problem to, but I don't expect a service pack, in my name.  In the meantime, be patient.  With's Mike's input, the program is pretty neat.  As Mike stated previously, I don't have the solution to the palm pilot at my fingertips, in my current programming language, but one day I should be able to get this into a palm pilot.  Again, patience.

Ray McGinnis


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