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--- Quote from: MMM on May 25, 2016, 04:45 ---
....As far as new nuclear plants go, TVA just started a new one, Vogtle has two being built then I think there's another one planned in SC (VC Summer I think) when they're done. The down side is at least 6 are closing or looking at closing in the next few years, so younger operators may just move to the new plants.

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eeeyup, any start ups, IF ANY, will be east of the Pecos and south of the Mason Dixon line,...

so, you will have to compete with the EXPERIENCED, QUALIFIED, AOs, NOs, EOs, STEs, ROs, SROs, and all the engineers and others coming out of the closing plants who will be applying for any and all positions available in the land of the sunshine bonus,...

there are government labs, fuel fabricators, waste disposal sites and the Tennessee processors cabals, BUT, there again, there are still a lot of experienced, degreed, certified, proven track record people to compete with for those jobs,...

you can always take an entry level job somewhere, BUT why did you spend six years plus of your life in the thrall of the USN to take an entry level, entry wage job?!?!?!?!

soooooooo,...use the Navy to make yourself more marketable, and work hard at it, really hard, OR coast through for 20+ years with a retirement while adjusting / prepping yourself for a post Navy career, OR get out ASAP and get the pain of the entry level stuff in CIVLANT/CIVPAC behind you as quick as you can,...

in the last scenario, try to get an entry level job where your USN time counts as years of service in your new job (TVA, some of the labs, some government jobs, etc.),...

good luck,... 8)


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